These Wooden Tokens for Lululemon’s Employee Yoga Retreats Are Both Zen and Functional

Creating the Perfect Yogi Environment 

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath…then exhale to release the stresses of the day. Quiet your mind – instead of running through your endless to-do list, focus instead on presence, intention, and balance. Sound familiar? Stepping into a yoga class gives you the much-needed opportunity to relax, recharge, and recenter. But in order to fully relax, you need a calming environment that embodies the peace and harmony of yoga itself. This environment starts from the moment you arrive to check in to your class and extends beyond the end of the session. Every step in the process – from grabbing your mat, to entering the yoga studio, to interacting with the teacher and flowing through the poses – contributes to your holistic yoga experience. 

No one understands this better than Lululemon Athletica. As the top yoga-inspired athletic apparel retailer in the market today, they are well-aware of the critical role that environment plays in the practice of yoga. So when it came to planning a special yoga retreat for Lululemon employees, they went above and beyond to ensure that they’d thought of everything. Each minor detail of the retreat was intended to enhance the yogi experience and allow the retreat to flow as seamlessly as possible. 

Custom Wooden Tokens Elevate Experiences 

In support of this employee yoga retreat, we partnered with Lululemon to create single-sided wooden tokens featuring their company logo. These custom wooden tokens served two main purposes: first, they were used to admit employees to the retreat. This made for a more frictionless check-in process – no need to collect printed tickets, call up digital reservations on mobile devices, or tediously check registrants off of a list one by one. Instead, employees simply displayed their wooden token and entered the retreat. 

Secondly, the wooden tokens were used during yoga to symbolize whether or not the attendee desired physical assistance during the class. If the attendee wanted to receive support during the class, they would display the side of the wooden token featuring the Lululemon logo. On the other hand, if they preferred to participate in the class without receiving physical assistance from the instructor, then they would display the blank side of the wooden token. A simple but elegant cue, this helped to individualize the retreat and ensure that all yogi’s felt comfortable. Rather than worrying about communicating their personal preferences to the instructor, they could instead focus on their mind-body connection in a calming, peaceful environment.

Lululemon used their custom wooden tokens for two yoga retreats near Vancouver, Canada, serving a total of 600 employees. Our point of contact at Lululemon reached out to us after having tested the wooden tokens at the retreat, saying: “We just wrapped our first event using the tokens, and they were awesome.” Fortunately, the initial success of the wooden tokens at the yoga retreat is just the beginning. That’s because the sleek and simple design of the tokens allows for future usage as well, for a variety of different purposes. For example: in the future, the tokens could be exchanged for a complimentary yoga class for VIP customers. Or, they could serve as “tickets” to admit attendees to special in-store sales and events. This is just the tip of the iceberg – the possibilities are endless.

Building Brand Equity with Wooden Tokens 

These custom wooden tokens already helped create a more cohesive and frictionless experience for Lululemon employees. Just imagine the impact that they will eventually have on their customers! Not only are the wooden tokens simple to use for a variety of different purposes, but they also manage to reinforce the Lululemon brand at the same time. It’s an under-the-radar marketing tool that helps to keep brands top-of-mind with their customers – even after the product or service has been purchased.

And let’s face it: in today’s crowded marketplace, differentiation is beyond important. Our custom wooden tokens help companies stand out from the pack in a unique and memorable way. We give businesses the opportunity to create their own tangible, branded “currency” that they can use however they see fit. Plus, based on the feedback that we’ve received from our clients, wooden tokens are more fun and engaging for customers to use. As such, they actually leave a lasting impression of your brand. In a world where customers are distracted and overwhelmed by constant “noise”, we think standing out and making an impression is a pretty big deal. In short, what’s not to love?

Create your own currency today.

Do you run a yoga studio or other fitness business? Know somebody who does? If so, we’d love to get in touch with you to talk custom wooden tokens. It’s the secret marketing weapon that you never knew you needed (until now). And it could be just the thing to help you bolster your brand, acquire new customers, and grow your business. That’s a win-win-win.

Submit a request for a free sample and we’ll send you a photo of your customized wooden tokens in just a couple of days. Trust us (and Lululemon) – it’s worth it.