7 Cheers-Worthy Ways to Make Your Winery a Fan Favorite

It’s All About the Experience 

Picture this: It’s a crisp autumn day, the sun is shining, and everyone is wearing their favorite fall jackets. The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn shades of red, orange, and yellow. On a day like this, there’s perhaps nowhere people would rather be than sipping wine with their friends. So, they head out in search of a winery. Perhaps they are just visiting wine country, or perhaps they happen to live in a neighboring city. Either way, whether they are tourists or a locals, chances are that they have a very specific experience in mind when it comes to their wine outing. The question is, will they find it at your winery? 

Your guests want to feel like the wine they are drinking is special. They want to sense that the grapes are different – better, somehow – like your winery is letting them in on a little-known secret. They probably want to try several different wines while they are there. Maybe they’re curious to discover a new blend, or maybe they just want to enjoy some old favorites. Your guests may even want to learn something about the wine – how it was aged, what food should be eaten with it, or the complex flavors that make up its taste. Most importantly, through all of this, they want to feel more like a guest of the winery and less like a customer making a purchase. After all, wine-tasting isn’t transactional, it’s experiential. 

Your Own Winery Currency 

If you own a winery business, your challenge is to craft that very experiential atmosphere for your wine-lovers. They’re coming to your winery to relax, unwind, and catch up with family and friends. Everything about the environment should communicate that there is no rush – your guests need to feel like they can take their time, savor their wine, and drink in the experience. Perhaps you have a folk band playing live background music, staff rotating around the room with bite-sized snacks for guests, or a fireplace roaring in the corner with comfy lounge seating. Your tasting room employees should be well-versed on the wine they are pouring so they can describe it in detail and answer any questions from curious wineo’s. Maybe you even provide a tour of your winery facility so visitors can witness firsthand how the wine is made. 

Another, lesser-known way to create a unique winery experience is by using custom wooden tokens. Wooden tokens allow you to offer a more frictionless and fun experience for your guests. They won’t have to constantly be fumbling for their wallets with one hand, while trying not to spill the glass of wine clutched in their other hand. They can trade in their tokens for a number of different perks or prizes. In fact, having custom wooden tokens is like creating your own winery currency that you can use in a thousand ways. Not only is it more engaging for your guests, but it will help differentiate your business from the other wineries on the block. Before you know it, you’ll have more new customers and happier existing customers – both of which are good for business. 

Keep the vino flowing and your guests smiling with these seven ideas for using custom wooden tokens at your winery: 

  • Track Your Tastings: When guests visit your winery, they probably purchase somewhere between four to six tastings. The problem is, keeping track of each guest’s glass can be tough to do (particularly on a busy weekend day). Instead, use custom wooden tokens to monitor their pours by having them trade in tokens for tastings. This make things easier on your staff, and it also engages your guests without taking away from their experience. 
  • Reward Wine Club Members: Your winery may host some sort of wine club for the die-hard wine-lovers out there. A good way to show them some love is to provide them with custom wooden tokens that they can exchange for a complimentary tasting for a friend. That way, your wine club members stay loyal to you and simultaneously bring in new business to your winery. 
  • Intrigue the Tourists: Visiting a winery is the perfect activity for travelers looking to experience the local scene. Entice tourists to select your winery by partnering with Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO hosts in your area. Provide them with your custom wooden tokens that they can give to their guests, who can trade them in for a complimentary tasting or two-for-one pours. 
  • Monitor Event Attendance: Wine makes every occasion that much more fun. Whether you’re partnering with another business or hosting the event yourself, wooden tokens are a more fun way to track attendance. Have your guests use their wooden tokens to gain entry to summertime movies in the vineyard, wine-inspired cooking classes, or special tastings with your lead sommelier. Your customers will love the novelty of handing over a token instead of an event ticket. 
  • Build Local Partnerships: Luckily, wine pairs great with…pretty much everything. Partner with local businesses that align with your brand by providing them with wooden tokens that their customers can exchange for a discounted bottle of your wine. Is there a wood-fired pizza restaurant in your neighborhood? A boutique grocery store with a fancy cheese counter? Join forces with them to bolster your brand and gain access to new customer groups. 
  • Create Loyalty Incentives: When it comes to your wooden tokens, it doesn’t have to be a one-and-done incentive. Try giving your guests one token after each tasting that they complete at your winery. After collecting four tokens, they can then exchange them for a free cheese and wine tasting. This helps cultivate longer-term loyalty as your local wine-lovers work to achieve their next “prize.”
  • Offer a Raincheck: On busy weekend days when your tasting room is already full, offer unserved guests a token that’s good for a complimentary tasting on the house on their next trip. That way, even if they are unable to participate in a wine tasting that day, they are incentivized to return in the future. Plus, it increases the chances that they will leave your winery on a more positive note.

Custom Wooden Tokens Work

The possibilities with wine and wooden tokens are endless, and the results are real. In fact, don’t take our word for it – other wineries are already seeing the benefits. For instance, we heard it through the grapevine that St. James Winery in Branson, Missouri uses their custom wooden tokens to keep track of guests’ glasses in their busy wine tasting room. The tokens help St. James monitor their wine tastings without detracting from the customer experience. In fact, it’s actually more engaging for their guests!

Are you in the winery business? If so, consider all the ways that you can elevate the experience that you offer to your customers with custom wooden tokens. Submit a request for a free design sample today!