Meet the New Toasted Maple

Some of you may have noticed that Toasted Maple has taken on a new look.  What we love the most about Toasted Maple is that it has really started to take on a personality of its own thanks to all of our customers and we wanted to reflect that personality with a new refreshed vibe.

So what have we done? With all the stories we have heard with how custom wooden tokens and nickels are being used, we wanted to embrace the fun-loving energy that comes to us with every request we receive and showcase that with some new vibrant colors.  We also wanted to add a little fun as we aren’t your typical wooden token or chip company – we are all about creating wooden tokens that are a reflection of your brand, business or event and that means doing something different like breaking out of the norm and making custom token shapes from coffee mugs, cowboy hats, beer mugs – you name it, we can make it happen.


Toasted Maple New Logo


With our new branding comes a brand spanking new website, which makes it much easier for you to put in a request for custom wooden tokens and find what you are looking for including creative ways tokens have been used and FAQs.  We’ve also launched a blog  focused on sharing creative ways tokens are being used, customer stories and Toasted Maple updates.  If you want to have your token story shared on the blog – we’d love to hear from you! 

Toasted Maple New Website


We are just getting started, so keep on the lookout for more exciting news and website features to come.  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We are looking forward to this journey ahead and want to thank all of our amazing customers for supporting a small business!